Heidegger’s cabin, cuckoo clocks and the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Martin Heidegger RundwegTodtnauberg 

Forest near Bubenbach

My trip to Schwarzwald was primarily spent navigating a large amount of hairpin bends, talking to clockmakers (traditional and modern) and discovering the mountain hideaway of Martin Heidegger. The first VR field recording was taken by Heidegger’s hut with the sounds of a water pump and morning birdsong striking an aptly meditative tone. The hut itself is located along something called the Martin Heidegger Rundweg (which I believe translates to Martin Heidegger Trail or similar). There is parking nearby at the Radschert Wunderparkplatz (as far as I could tell this is the start of the trail – see pictures below).

View from the parking spot (Path starts at left)

This post marks the start of the Rundweg

Hammock seat near the crest of the hill gives spectacular views of the mountains receding into the distance.

The monoscope and white cross are situated at a fork in the path  (take the right turn to head towards the hut)

This post marks the next turning to continue on the Rundweg

Snow still covers much of the route as of mid-April

This post marks the final turning along the way (turn right then back on yourself)

View from the path

Recording the hut

View along the Rundweg after the main site.

The second recording took place in a quiet patch of forest near the town of Bubenbach. The day was eerily still and the snow from the previous night further softened the ambient noise, creating a hushed background of muffled woodland sounds.


As alluded to earlier, my alterior motive for visiting this region was to meet two local clockmakers to discuss the local history of clockmaking and automata.

Below is a short clip filmed in the Clock Museum of Furtwangen: