Sonzai : そんざい : 存在 : existence


Sonzai is an ongoing project to immersively capture hidden places in the UK, Europe and further afield. All the content is captured on 5.7k 360 degree video and 4-directional spatial audio. It is freely available to view both on this site and also on YouTube.


I am a filmmaking graduate from Kingston University. Alongside this project I work freelance in various aspects of film production – more details can be found here. Prior to this  I have been a teacher and a student of AI/philosophy of mind. This project is inspired by Andy Clark and David Chalmers’ writings on extended cognition and Heideggerian perspectives on consciousness – simply put I hope to facilitate authentic connections between people and environments within Virtual Reality.


Primarily I hope to make recordings of undisturbed places, ruins, prehistoric sites.

I’m interested in working with hospices and care homes to deliver a variety of immersive recordings.

If possible I would like to collaborate with curators of other cultural spaces such as museums, galleries, botanical gardens &c

If you wish to commission a video or have any general questions please get in touch via the contact form.