そんざい : 存在 


Sonzai is an ongoing project to immersively capture hidden places in the UK, Europe and further afield. All the content is captured on 8k or 5.7k 360 degree video and is freely available to view both on this site and also on YouTubeSamsungXR & Veer.

This project is inspired by Andy Clark and David Chalmers’ writings on extended cognition and Heideggerian perspectives on consciousness – simply put I hope to facilitate authentic connections between people and places within Virtual Reality.


I like to make recordings of undisturbed places, ruins, prehistoric sites and other locations with cultural or historical import.

I’m interested in working with hospices and care homes to deliver a variety of immersive recordings.

I am actively looking to collaborate with curators of other cultural spaces such as museums, galleries, botanical gardens &c to create virtual tours/experiences.

If you wish to commission a video or have any general questions please get in touch via the contact form.


I am a videographer for the scientific journal Jove and for the virtual tour company Belink Ltd. Outside of 360 video I have a great interest in documentary and experimental filmmaking.

As of this moment I am working on a short-form documentary on the subject of time-keeping, automata and the philosophy of time.

Prior to this  I have been a teacher and a student of AI/philosophy of mind.