Combe Gibbet

Cycling up the winding hill paths to record at Combe Gibbet – I left my Ambeo VR mic and field recorder at home in preference for the more portable Zoom H4N1. Still with all the equipment on my back I make much slower progress than expected and I finally make it just in time to see the sun set over the horizon – leaving conditions too dark to film but with enough light to take a few moody twilight photographs and watch a young family play around a replica hangman’s scaffold.

The next morning is bright and sunny, burning off last night’s heavy mist – I make two recordings one on each side of the gibbet. The gibbet itself sits atop a prominent mound which itself is at the summit of Inkpen Beacon – with the extra height the gallows would have afforded the two convicts a spectacular view over the North Wessex Downs.

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