Museums and Galleries

I am working with property marketing company Belink Ltd to create virtual tours inside galleries, museums and other cultural sites.

In 2019 we made a set of recordings at the world’s largest cuckoo clock collection (Cuckooland) and at the Heidegger Rundwegg in Germany.

An example of which can be viewed here:

As of spring 2020, we are set to collaborate with Salzburg’s famous automata collection – Schloss Hellbrunn, in Salzburg, Austria. The timing of this of course depends on the progression of the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

The tour will feature the collection’s unique water fountains and spectacular surrounds

Given the current restrictions on business and travel and the potential for long lasting economic consequences, virtual museum tours and similar projects will become increasingly important to a wide range of people less willing or able to travel to distant locations.