I am a filmmaker working in London and Europe. I currently operate as a videographer for a scientific journal in France and I freelance as a videographer and sound recordist in the UK.

Outside of Virtual Reality I have great interest in many aspects of filmmaking, both traditional and experimental.

At this moment (spring 2019) I am working on a short-form documentary about timekeeping, automata and the philosophy of time. I most recently visited Cuckooland in Knutsford, England; here I interviewed the curator of the largest collection of antique cuckoo clocks in the country.

My next step will be to visit the Black Forest in Germany to discover the apparent birthplace of the modern cuckoo clock and also the renowned hideaway of enigmatic (and highly influential) philosopher Martin Heidegger; the Black Forest town of Todtnauberg was where Heidegger wrote his most famous work, Being and Time.

I am also developing a project based on 360 video compressed into a fixed equirectangular aspect ratio to create novel forms of visual narrative. Some example videos I have included below:

I am always looking to collaborate with creative people in many different fields – you can contact me here.